The most rewarding part of this “job” – if you could call it a job, is helping women gain their confidence back with stronger, leaner bodies.

We just naturally FEEL better about ourselves when we look good.  Whether someone has dropped 10 lbs., or 100, run a faster mile, biked a longer workout, whatever big or small goals they have accomplished, it gives me such great pleasure to be a small part of that.

In my first active year of the business I dedicated to giving 10% of my earnings back.  I am giving to a host of charities and organizations and while I know in the beginning it doesn’t amount to a lot, I know it’s growing over time, and someday will mean a lot to many people.

I’ve also decided to take some of the thank you notes I’ve received and post them here for the days that it seems hard, or impossible, or I just don’t want to keep going.  I dedicate this page to some of the thanks that I have been given by the lives I’ve touched.

“Down 14 more lbs. since I last posted, so a total of 34 lbs. Did some shoveling this morning and did bodyflow again last night. Love that class! I can’t wait till the weather starts warming up though. I want to be able to get outside! My sister asked me if I would be her daughters running buddy for the Girls on the run. It’s a 5k, and my niece is wanting to beat her last time, which I think was 40 minutes. I told my sister sure, as long as she did it too (she hates running). Looking forward to it.” – B.I.

“I just wanted to show you my “winning” photo from this challenge. I ran a Half Marathon yesterday and this is one of the photos they caught of me. I looked at it and almost fell out of my seat. The tone in my shoulders was NOT there 30 days ago. Not even close And my overall appearance… let’s just say I’m not depressed to look in the mirror anymore. It’s been a while since I could say that.  I can’t thank all of you enough for helping me get through this month. I’m so pleased with the results. “ – A.D.

“I love the app for 21 Day Fix for tracking.  Made this so much easier…I lost 2 inches on my waist!!!…Hiiii can you send me a link to buy Shakeology?…Headed downstairs to do my workout.  I was down 2 more lbs. today!…So I was down 1.7 this morning from yesterday morning.  Is this thing for real?!?…Thank you so much!!! Down another 4 pounds.  Amazing!!!” – B.O.

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