Success Stories

These are just a few of the strong, beautiful, intelligent folks who decided to “Take The Challenge” and join one of our Challenge Groups and make a positive difference in their bodies and their heath.

Heidi (again) Les Mills Pump with INSANITY and COMBAT Hybrid.  13 Week Program.  This woman had 6 kids!
Betsy, stay-at-home Mom & Business Owner, completed Beachbody's P90X3 and 21 Day Fix with Shakeology. Continuing on with 21 Day Fix, and of course Shakeology
Betsy, stay-at-home Mom & Business Owner, completed Beachbody’s P90X3 and 21 Day Fix with Shakeology. Continuing on with 21 Day Fix, and of course Shakeology













Stephanie, working wife and mother, completed Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Results: 7.6 lbs. lost, and 5.25 total inches to help her break through a long plateau Moving on to P90X3 with Shakeology









A.P. – Day 1 of the 21 Day Fix vs Day 18! Only a few days left and then I am starting all over again for round two! I am 3 months PP and am already so proud of my post baby body.







James – He lost 12 POUNDS and 2 INCHES in his waist!!! In just 3 weeks!!
 Heidi, mother of 6 kids, completed Beachbody's INSANITY by Shaun T. 63 day results with Shakeology Moving on to INSANITY/Les Mills Pump Hybrid with Shakeology

Heidi, mother of 6 kids, completed Beachbody’s INSANITY by Shaun T. 63 day results with Shakeology Moving on to INSANITY/Les Mills Pump Hybrid with Shakeology










More Success Stories:

Tracy – I’m doing really good. Didn’t get any workouts done from the videos this weekend but was doing LOTS of outdoor yard work. Been spot on for food and drinking my Shakeology. As of Sunday I was down 7.5#.  I sure do have more energy!!

BJ – “It’s day 21 and I’m down 12lbs!!! I gained over an inch in each thigh which gave me a gain in inches of 1/4in but my coach says that’s good cause I’m a guy.”

Franchesca – “Who lost NINE POUNDS ,ELEVEN INCHES? This girl.  Whoop whoop!”

Brenda – “Yesterday was my last day of 21 day fix and I feel wonderful!!!! I lost six pounds and I will post later how many inches I lost once I find my dang measuring tape. I have loads of energy and feel confident. I feel like rose on the titanic. LOL!!!

Julia  – “round 2! I lost another 3 pounds but the biggest loss was inches….4.25 total!!! I can tell it too. Others at work are noticing and commenting also. It seems my weight loss has been slower the last 4 months but I can sure see a shift in my proportions. I just have to keep my mind off the scales and feel these muscles I’m obtaining. My previous weight loss was just that…loss. Although my body changed it was nothing like the changes that are taking place now. Now on to my next challenge!”

Vanessa – “Hi everyone, today was my day 1 of my second round of 21 day fix. I lost 8lb on my first round and I am ready to continue my success.”

Todd – “My wife lost 12 pounds and I lost 24 pounds. It was hard, but well worth it!!!!” – a married couple who completed The Ultimate Reset 21 Day Program.

Myra – “Dr checkup today and my bad cholesterol is down 20 points. Dr was amazed and I’m ecstatic.”

Wintress – “So I finally took the advice of my wonderful coach and put the scale away last week so I would stop weighing every day which only discourages me!!! I pulled it out today and have lost many pounds this week AND dropped into the 150’s bracket which I haven’t seen in 2.5 years!!! Since starting BB last September I’m down 16.6lbs. I’m feel great and am amazed!!!

Jamie – “Round 1 Results…..I lost 10 inches and 8.2 lbs. Round 2 begins today.”  How freaking cool is that?

Alejandra – “Second week of 21 Day Fix complete. I am down an extra 2.2 pounds and 5 inches around my body from last week! That is a total of 6.4 pounds and 14 inches in two weeks! Final week starts NOW!

Jennifer – “I ended up losing 8 pounds and 6.5 total inches, 3 of those inches from my waist! The containers were a great tool to see where we were going wrong. I was an eye opener to see how many “yellows” (mostly processed foods) that I ate prior to these past 21 days. I truly believe my intense soda/sweet tea habit and carbs were my entire weight struggle.”

Chris – ” Down 4.6 pounds down and 5 inches in 21 Days on the 21 Day Fix.  Starting Round 2 Tomorrow.”

Jennifer – “I got called “skinny” today…Who? Me? Skinny? I haven’t put myself in that category in awhile now, almost 5 years! BUT, after 2 rounds of 21 Day Fix which has me eating substantially better and making sense of where I go wrong AND incorporating extra cardio/workouts at my gym…. I can FINALLY except that compliment with a smile. I’ve lost almost 15lbs in the past 45days and 12 overall inches!!!!! I am getting more comfortable in my skin and clothes again. I can see my hard work paying off and that feels AMAZING. This journey isn’t over yet…”

Evangelina – “Lost 3 pounds and 5 inches. I feel healthy and I can wear tops that I couldn’t wear before because of an ugly muffin top!”

Maureen – “21 DF done!Love this program!  Lost 3 lbs. My pants fit better! Round 2 starts on Saturday!:)”

Jamie – “10 lbs. and 11 inches” with Focus T25 by Shaun T!

Mandy – “lost 9.8 lbs. in the first 21 Days and not done yet!!!”

Aurora  – “My measurements from the 21 Day Fix Extreme:  Lost 7 lbs., 6.25 inches. Gained .5 inches on each arm though. starting again on Monday! Biggest achievement, my gut doesn’t hang over my pants when I sit down!”

Tammy – “NSV for me while getting stuff ready to donate and trying on clothes. I bought these pants (Express size 10) the week after Xmas. It was the last size they had left, and I couldn’t even button them when I bought them.”

Tiff, two weeks into the 21 Day Fix – “I haven’t been as tight on the 21DF as I could be, but still seeing results. Down 6 so far and likely to just keep on it. My waist is coming back, love to see the beginning of my hourglass shape again!”

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