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Shakeology Digestive Health Boost: Improved Regularity and Digestive Relief

Improved regularity and decreased gas, bloating, and discomfort is just what Shakeology Digestive Health Boost brings with its 7 grams of soluble and insoluble fiber, which is a big relief to anyone who has no time to be “backed up,” like Diane. Shakeology Boosts are the newest addition to the Shakeology family and provide you with the power to customize your shakes based on your specific needs, day by day.

If you need any help in this area, feel free to reach out to me confidentially and I’ll get you a private link to have this shipped to your home so you can try it out for yourself.  What do you have to lose except the bloat?


Shakeology Boost: Customize Your Shake Any Way You Want It


Thanks to NEW Shakeology® Boosts, you now have the power to customize your shakes to your specific needs. Introducing 3 unique Boosts: Focused Energy Boost, Power Greens Boost, and Digestive Health Boost.

Focused Energy Boost energizes your day the healthy way. If you’re looking for an effective pick-me-up without compromising your health, then this boost is for you. Not only will you feel more energized, this amazing boost also supports mental clarity, alertness, and focus to help you be more productive.

Power Greens Boost fuels your body with a full serving of nutrient-dense vegetables and exotic greens. Contains veggies like kale and spinach that feed your body more of what it’s not getting from the average vegetable-challenged diet, and it tastes great too!
Plus, it helps support the body’s acid/alkaline balance.

Digestive Health Boost is a quick and easy way to help support regularity and digestive health. Get over half of your daily recommended amount of fiber when you add this boost to Chocolate Shakeology.  With a unique blend of 7 grams of both soluble AND insoluble fiber packed into every single scoop, this formula stands apart from typical fiber supplements that contain only soluble fiber.
Plus, it helps improve irregularity, support digestive health, and helps keep you feeling full longer.

Order all 3 or mix and match yours today!  Click on the links in the description above to place your order, or contact me below and we can discuss which Boosts may be right for you.


Why Go Gluten Free?


You see it on food labels and restaurant menus. Everywhere you look, it seems people are talking about going gluten-free. Even yogurt at the store, and popcorn at the ball-game is labeled gluten-free.

Maybe you’ve wondered, What’s the real deal with gluten?

After reading “Wheat Belly” by William Davis, MD, I cut a lot of gluten out of my diet.

I used to have a bagel or a piece of wheat bread with my eggs and veggies.  I have swapped that out with Ezekiel bread and muffins.  I don’t do bread for sandwiches either.  I choose rice paper and make lunch wraps this way.  But you will find me caving to a few slices of deep dish pizza on occasion.  I’m human after all.

I did some research and came up with these commonly asked questions and their answers

Q.  What is gluten?

A. It’s a mixture of proteins that occur naturally in certain grains, such as wheat, rye and barley.

When breads, cereals and pastas are made with these grains, gluten may help improve their taste and texture. That’s why it’s sometimes added to other foods too — from french fries to deli meats.

Q.  So is there a downside?

A. For most of us, gluten is harmless. And cutting it out of our diet may make it harder to get the nutrients we need.

But some people can’t tolerate gluten. For those with celiac disease — up to 1 percent of the U.S. population — it’s a big concern. They need to avoid gluten entirely.

Q.  What’s celiac disease?

A. It’s an autoimmune disorder — which means the body’s natural defenses target and damage healthy tissue.

For people with celiac disease, gluten triggers an attack within the lining of the small intestine. That may cause symptoms such as bloating, constipation and diarrhea, especially in children. And the effects aren’t limited to the digestive tract. Celiac disease may trigger fatigue, mood changes or other problems as well.

Even worse, if you have celiac disease, gluten prevents the body from absorbing certain nutrients properly. That can lead to anemia, osteoporosis and other conditions.

The only way to confirm celiac disease is with a blood test and a follow-up biopsy. So if you think you may have this disorder, talk with your doctor.

Q.  Can gluten be harmful even if I don’t have celiac disease?

A. It can be — if you have a gluten sensitivity. That means you can tolerate small amounts of gluten. But large amounts may cause symptoms similar to those of celiac disease. The reaction is not usually as strong as in someone with the autoimmune disorder — but it may still be uncomfortable.

Q.  What happens if my doctor says I need to go gluten-free?

A. Your doctor or a registered dietitian can help you create a gluten-free eating plan.* If you have celiac disease, you’ll need to follow it for life. But you’ll still be able to eat a variety of healthy foods.

Gluten-free staples include fruits, vegetables, beans, and unprocessed poultry and meat. Certain grains — such as brown rice, corn and quinoa — also are OK.

Q.  What about weight loss? Doesn’t avoiding gluten help with that? 

A. There are many gluten-free foods to choose from at the grocery store. But not all of them are healthy. So if you just avoid gluten, you won’t automatically drop pounds. You still have to make wise choices and practice portion control.

If you’re not sensitive to gluten, there’s no proven benefit to going gluten-free. So before you change your diet, talk with your doctor about the best way to get the nutrients you need.

I hope this post was helpful to you, and if you’re interested in learning more about reducing gluten, eating vegan or vegetarian, or just eating a cleaner, more balanced diet, contact me directly as I have an interest in all these areas.


Shakeology – Greater than the Sum of its Parts

Hear it first hand from one of the creators of Shakeology.  Food quality is down.  Why not put ONE good thing in your body every day?  I do.

Contact me to learn more.




Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or GERD, is a digestive disorder that affects the lower esophageal sphincter (LES), the ring of muscle between the esophagus and stomach. Many people, including pregnant women, suffer from heartburn or acid indigestion caused by GERD. Doctors believe that some people suffer from GERD due to a condition called hiatal hernia. In most cases, heartburn can be relieved through diet and lifestyle changes; however, some people may require medication or surgery.

My Brother-In-Law has had GERD ever since I’ve known him (over 15 years) and who knows how long he’s had it prior to that.  The best part is, he just posted THIS on Facebook:



In case you have a hard time reading that, he says “Just took my daily does of dense nutrition.  Shakeology strawberry.  Tastes great and reduced late night junk food cravings.  It also helps with digestion issues.  I have g.e.r.d. but I have noticed since I began having a daily drink No stomach paints etc. any more”

I LOVE hearing stories like this.  If you have any stomach/digestion issued and would like to see if Shakeology can help you, I can put you in touch with Andy to be your coach, or just order through his website here:

Make sure you select Monthly Auto Ship to save over $16.00 in shipping costs.  You can always cancel after the first month if you don’t get the results you had expected.

No More Copays!


DoctorJaw Dropping Improvement in Health Stats in less than 3 months from a Challenger thanks to a coach on our team.

If you take medicine for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol or Thyroid YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!!

Medical Lab Results Update

“So yesterday I received my updated lab results for all of my medical labs. Needless to say I do not understand all the results but I will highlight the most important ones here. My original labs were done at my last checkup on September 25th 2014. The updated results are from April 17th 2015. I changed diet, exercise and added Shakeology on February 9th 2015. Not sure what has caused the most benefit but I am not giving up any one of the three. My medication did not change in this time period.

Cholesterol – Before : 211mg/dl – After : 121mg/dl
Triglycerides – Before : 231mg/dl – After : 61mg/dl
HDL – Before : 34mg/dl – After : 38mg/dl
LDL – Before : 131mg/dl – After : 71mg/dl
Chol/HDL Ratio – Before : 6.2 – After : 3.2
Glucose – Before : 112mg/dl – After : 89mg/dl
TSH (thyroid) – Before : 5.06mclU/hL – After : 0.75mclU/hL

Even medicated I was outside of normal levels in almost all categories. I am now completely within normal levels on everything. This has been accomplished with 2.5 months of daily exercise, moderate diet, and a Shakeology shake every day. My doctor said he has never seen results turn around this fast.

We are scheduled for a follow up in 2 weeks to adjust all of my medications down. I have been medicated for Cholesterol and Thyroid since I was 27 years old (14 years ) I am on the path to reduce or discontinue these medications. This is monthly copays that I will no longer need to pay. The cost savings because of this will be amazing. (monthly cost savings) I can not urge you enough to act now to get healthy. I can help you find the way. Lets work together to make a healthier, happier world.

If you know someone that could benefit from this information please share on your page, tag the person, message them. Some people feel they just don’t have a choice. It is up to us to help everyone realize their potential and be what they want to be.”

And the feedback from his wife:  “I was speechless when I read through the paper work! I never thought this would happen. I believe so much in Beachbody because my husband has done so many things over the years with different programs and this is the first time anything has worked.”

Not everyone is severely overweight, or on many prescription medications, but if you are, or know someone who is, reach out to me and lets find a way to wow your doctor too.

This Makes Me So Happy I Could Cry

One of my challengers posted this on our team page recently.

Sunset2“I had my well check today at the doctor. Over the summer, I decided to stop
taking my cholesterol meds, I just didn’t want to take them anymore, concerned about some of the latest research out. The problem is that I didn’t discuss this with my MD. I had my labs checked the end of January. My bad cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol were elevated, however my “good” cholesterol was phenomenal. I panicked, thinking I messed up. I came clean to my doctor today and was totally shocked with the outcome. He said, “I’m glad you told me you went off your meds, actually, you are out of the range that it would be recommended to treat. You have made great changes with your diet and exercise, you no longer need to be on meds.” I also had one of the best checkups I’ve ever had. Wow, what a relief! With family history, etc, I know how important it is for me to continue on this journey of healthy eating and exercising. I’m glad to have this group to help keep me accountable.

I guess this is also a testament to people out there that think they are doomed to be on meds for the rest of their lives, whether it’s for cholesterol, blood pressure or diabetes. Diet and exercise go a long way towards overall health.”

Note:  She chose to go off her meds this past summer, before she became involved in our group. I am not a doctor, and I do not give medical advice.  She actually works in the medical industry and chose to do these things on her own, listened to her own body.  She started drinking Shakeology daily last fall, was active with running and gym workouts in the past, and now has also incorporates Beachbody workouts like PiYo and ChaLEAN Extreme to give her more muscle definition.

I am just pleased that she no longer needs to be on prescription drugs to control her cholesterol.  And she shows up every day to our group to check in with her workout, her Shakeology, and her nutrition for the day.  She obviously feels REALLY good!