My Favorite Things

If you’re interested in improving your personal well being this year, you deserve more than just chocolate…and if not, you deserve to treat yourself! I put together this list of my must-haves that you can use to shop for yourself (wink, wink), or use to inspire a gift for a special woman in your life. … More My Favorite Things

More Blessings I Was Able To Give – Thanks to Beachbody

This post is long overdue, but last month I donated another 10% of my Beachbody earnings for Q2 to two organizations in need.  The first was the International Justice Mission, which I have given to before, and again, and will continue to do so as long as there are needy people in the world. I also … More More Blessings I Was Able To Give – Thanks to Beachbody

Time To Give Back

Last year I really started to see my checks grow by helping people live healthy and fulfilling lives, so I decided to start giving back…10% actually.  It’s what they ask for in church.  10% of your income.  While my donations will be different organizations, I am committed to  giving 10% of my Beachbody income, and … More Time To Give Back


I’ve had more than one of my challengers show symptoms of seasonal depression.  So I figured I would to a little research on the topic and get up to speed with the causes, symptoms and treatments. It’s finally warmed up here the last couple of the days and even plenty of sunshine, but that doesn’t … More SAD

Ten Fun Facts

I know I keep writing about health and fitness.  Yes – that is mostly what this blog is about, but today I decided to have a little fun and share a little bit about me…nothing too embarrassing.  But maybe stuff you don’t know. I would practice yoga every day if I had the time. I … More Ten Fun Facts

Force Recall

I wanted to buy the Force when I was shopping for a new tracker, but it was always on back order and I wanted it NOW, so I bought the Flex instead and it’s working great. In case you haven’t read the news lately, the most popular brand of activity tracker is being recalled.  Please … More Force Recall

Couch to 5K

If you’re new to running or have taken a seasonal break (like me) and want to build up your miles, I recommend the Couch to 5K program.  I’m sure you’ve heard of it, but basically it can take you from a non-runner to being able to run a 5K in 8 weeks. Okay, I never … More Couch to 5K


Occasionally I’ll run into products I just LOVE and I have to share.  SuperFeet is one of those products.  Last spring as I was building up my running miles, I started to have pain in the heel of my left foot.  It was especially painful after a long run, and at one point – got … More SuperFeet