Couch to 5K 2021

Does Couch to 5K Work? I don’t know. You can either watch me or you can join me. Here we are: 2021 We put dear Jester to rest the summer of 2019, and later that year adopted our newest best buddy – Shadow. He really, really, really likes to play with other dogs but will … More Couch to 5K 2021

Chicago Keto Coach

Today I did a thing and earned my Keto Nutrition Health Coach Certification.   Why now, you might ask? Well after some unwanted weight gain, more body aches that anyone at my age should be experiencing, and just overall generally feeling BLAH – I knew I had to do something different and so I did … More Chicago Keto Coach

Starting a Keto Diet

Before you start The Ketogenic Diet let’s review briefly the foods that we eat that are the answer to our goals. We need to eat 70-75% Fat from fish oils, especially Omega 3,healthy monounsaturated fats, healthy saturated fats. Protein Approximately 15-20% of our daily diet from eggs, fish, chicken, and meats. I recommend you avoid … More Starting a Keto Diet