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April: 3 Day Refresh – Day 3


Great final day!  I spent the day in my home office preparing for a big meeting on Tuesday, and the day just flew by.  I didn’t even have my snack!  I took a break in the middle of the day and went out and ran some errands on foot and walked a little over 2 miles.  It felt GREAT to get outside and get some sunshine.

I won’t have access to my scale for the final weigh in, but I know I’m down at least a couple of pounds and I feel much smaller, leaner, and healthier.

There’s several reasons why you might consider doing the 3 Day Refresh:

  • If you have an important event coming up and you want to shed a few lbs. before the big day
  • It’s a healthier alternative to liquid fasts
  • Complete a round once a month to keep your weight  loss on track
  • Go through a round once a quarter to help keep you accountable for healthy eating

Contact me if you have any questions!

April: 3 Day Refresh – Day 2


Day 2 of the 3 Day Refresh went off without a hitch. I also forgot until made dinner, that not only is everything on the menu vegetarian, most thing are actually RAW too.  Which means no cooking and very few dishes.  WOO HOO!

Basically I spent the day shopping and packing for my trip, plus getting a few things done around the house.  I was plenty full the whole day and looking forward to finishing up Day 3 strong.

April : 3 Day Refresh – Day 1

041115Collage3DayRefreshI know not everyone is into this program, but it works for me.  And I was actually really full.  Now I didn’t workout more than a leisurely walk with the dog, but it was a great day overall.

I do like to do this program on the weekend that way I’m near my blender and can make all the shakes.  I know I will counteract some of the bloat I encountered from my work training and that makes me happy.

The three days go by pretty fast, but I do look forward to some eggs or fish when it’s all said and done.

One day down.  Two to go.  If you’re interested at all, drop me a line and we’ll chat.

March: 3 Day Refresh – Day 3

030915CollageI did it.  I successfully completed another round of the 3 Day Refresh.  Actually, it wasn’t that hard.  All natural, real food.  Completely vegan.  Mostly raw.  And quite delicious.

I’m also excited how colorful everything is.

I’m going to do another round April 11-13th.  Who’s with me?

March: 3 Day Refresh – Day 2

030815lunchWell I will admit I was hungry after I got in bed and watched a few seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Saturday night.  But not enough to get out of bed and do anything about it. LOL.

Of course with the time change I’m up super early because my body DOES NOT know how to sleep in, no matter how late I stay up…watching even more episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

And I was hungry today.  But not weak or nauseous.  Just feeling lighter and some grumbly in my tumbly.  Food was good!  I did eat my lunch fruit about an hour before lunch. Because I didn’t have fruit in my vanilla shake, I decided to put about 1 tsp. of cocoa powder in my shake and that was GOOD!

Dinner out for my MIL’s birthday.  Really hard to eat just vegetables at a restaurant so I had 1/2 of an appetizer vegetable salad and the patty of a veggie burger (made with beans, but eh – it is what it is).  If you are going to do this program for the first time, I say STICK WITH IT exactly as planned.  I also had a very vigorous yoga class yesterday (105 minutes) so that could be why I was feeling so hungry, and went to another more chill…but still challenging 75 minute class today.

Day 2 was good.  Only one more day to go!

March: 3 Day Refresh – Day 1

I find the 3 Day Refresh to be an easy way to produce results quickly but naturally.  I’m the first to admit I don’t always have the best eating habits.  It seems like I am good 80% of the time (I mean REALLY good) and the other 20% of the time I go the extremes.  So the 3 Day Refresh keeps me on track.  If I gain 3-4 lbs. in a month or on a party weekend, I can reverse the effects with the 3 Day Refresh.

Is it a lot of food?  No, not really.  Probably about 1,200 calories a day, but it’s only 3 days and I never feel overly hungry.

Does it work?  Yep, I’ve done it 3 or 4 times and I’ve lost at least 3 lbs. each time.  The first time I lost almost 8#.

Is the food delicious?  Yes and no.  Fresh veggies are always delicious to me, but the Vanilla shakes are just eh.   But it’s not bad either.  I do have a few challengers who couldn’t do it.  There’s a money back guarantee.  They sent it back.  But most love it, including me.

I look forward to waking up Tuesday feeling lighter, flatter stomach, and better overall.

Want to get the 3 Day Refresh for TEN BUCKS?  Then order it as a Challenge Pack with your favorite flavor of Shakeology and it’s only $10 more than Shakeology alone.

Have questions?  Contact me personally and I’m happy to tell you more.

January: 3 Day Refresh – Day 3

3DayRefreshCollage010415Well I have to say Day 3 was a breeze.  For one it was a short day. I got up late, and went to yoga after dinner so it squished my meal times together and I really wasn’t hungry all day. Plus I enjoyed a lazy Sunday watching several episodes of Sons of Anarchy so I really didn’t burn many calories.  Yoga was a restorative/stretching class, so not many calories burned there either.

All in all, I think it was a successful 3 days but I do look forward to veggie omelet.

If you’re interested in giving the 3 Day Refresh a try, contact me here and I will help you get started.

January: 3 Day Refresh – Day 2

3DayRefreshCollage010315Day 2 of The 3 Day Refresh went pretty smooth.  I do like to do this over the weekend so I have access to my blender.  The Vanilla Fresh Shakes taste better to met blended up with some crushed ice, water, and cinnamon.

Not hungry all day. Late at night I felt snacky, but not because I was hungry, probably because I was bored.  I did get pretty tired late afternoon and took an hour power nap, but other than that – doing well.  Feeling great, and looking forward to day 3.

The food was really good also.  Easy, all fresh, and raw.  Tomorrow, I plan to cook something hot for dinner.

January: 3 Day Refresh – Day 1

Yep, I did it again.  I started the 3 Day Refresh.  In case you don’t know:  The 3 Day Refresh is:


If you’ve ever done a juice fast or an all-liquid cleanse that’s high in sugars and low in protein, you may have found that you felt weak and sluggish. And any weight loss came right back. That’s because liquid fasts can tax your organs, and crater your metabolism.

The 3-Day Refresh is scientifically designed to do just the opposite. It detoxifies and cleanses, while supporting your metabolism with easy-to-prepare, nutritious whole food to help your vital organs re-energized. That’s why you feel so good when you do the Refresh, and still lose weight at the same time! Your body functions more efficiently, and it helps burn fat.

Instead of leaving you depleted from fasting, after 3 days you feel energized, lighter, REFRESHED.

To give you an example of my diary intake and to show you I’m not starving myself, here was Day 1 nutrition:3DayRefreshCollage010215

  • 1,291 calories
  • 37 grams of fat
  • 162 carbs
  • 78 grams of protein
  • 46 grams of fiber

Now I wouldn’t eat just 1,300 calories a day for very long, but I can certainly manage for 3 days to get back to my pre-holiday size.

If you’re interested in trying the 3 Day Refresh for yourself, it’s ON SALE this month!

3 Day Refresh: Results and 2 Weeks Later

So whenever Beachbody comes out with a new program, I have to try it.  Then I can decide if it’s for me, and if I want to recommend it to my friends and family.  To date I have completed Hip Hop Abs, ChaLEAN Extreme, Les Mills Pump (twice), , INSANITY, Combat, The Ultimate Reset (twice), and now I’m doing PiYo.  Sure I have recommended other programs to my challengers I haven’t completed yet – but I wanted to know what the 3 Day Refresh was really like.  And as you can see, I had PHENOMENAL results…in just 3 days.










But I didn’t want to post right after the program, you know – because everyone will say it’s a cleanse and you’ll just gain it back and it’s water weight…Well it’s 2 weeks later, and I still weigh the same as I did on the 4th day and I plan on doing this program again the first week of September…and again in October…and so on until I have reached my ultimate goal weight.  I admit to over indulging far too often. I have a stressful job where I’m driving countless miles and visiting with clients all day every day.  Then hubby and I like to enjoy our kid-free lifestyle so we go to dozens of Cubs game, nice dinners, concerts and festivals..all which come with their temptations.  So this is what I am using to stay on track, and every month work to lose a few pounds of bloat that come on from my busy lifestyle.  I DO workout 5-6 days a week, but it’s just not enough to combat the excess calories I consume, and this is a program that is easy to follow, and the 3 days are over before you know it.

If you need a jump start on your weight loss to get on track for healthy eating, or if you need to break through a plateau, or even if you just need to lose those stubborn last 3-5 lbs., the 3 Day Refresh could be your answer.  Order here today and we can do it together September 2-4, right after the Labor Day celebrations.