Sales Automation and Execution Strategy

Driven, detailed oriented, and reliable business manager available to help you grow and automate your business. I pivoted from the road-warrior life where I spend 25+ years working in Business Development and Marketing. I excel in any sales, marketing, administrative, database management and even some social media. I can pretty much accommodate any type of task, quickly, thoroughly, and accurately.

Let me know what you need and I’ll deliver it.

In the last few years I started learning HubSpot from scratch and took every online and classroom course I could get my hands on. I can save you an incredible amount of time and money helping you implement, streamline, or automate for your sales/ marketing/ support team.

Send me an email or book a call with me and let’s discuss your needs.

To date, I have worked with several start-ups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs with a strong product or service, but still needing help with digital sales & marketing. One-on-one I can handle projects that require less than 10 hours of work per week and generally for businesses <$1M.

If you are a larger organization or need more dedicated help, lets set up a time to chat through IMPACT, where I spend my days helping small to mid-sized business owners, sales, and marketing professionals grow their business using proven methods of success. We can handle much bigger projects than I am able to handle solo.

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