Keto Face vs. Carb Face

Keto Face vs. Carb Face

I would never have thought I had “carb face” until it stared right back at me. Pictures taken September 2019 and September 2020.

I was between jobs, morning the loss of my beloved Jester (dog), and messaging every friend over 45 convinced I was starting menopause.

But you know what?
❗I was unfulfilled professionally
❗Struggling emotionally
❗And just feeling like shit in my body overall

Fast forward a year and I am in a job working from home (even pre-COVID) that I love, with a dog who is working on “best boy” status, and no more pre-menopausal systems or feelings of despair. It’s a funny thing how good you can feel when you start taking care of yourself.

All along my husband is 100% supportive, kind, and awesome through all my ups and downs.

Today realizing:
✅My eyes are bigger thanks to my face growing smaller
✅My collar bones are coming back
✅I’m swimming in this shirt
✅And I can see space on the wall behind me

So as the weather cools and many friends are posting that their jeans don’t fit – I have the opposite problem. Only because I changed my perspective and put in the work.

Now just think about it. If you can visibly see a difference, imaging how it feels to be lighter, less bloated, and reduced inflammation. I’m a work in progress and not giving up any time soon. If you’d like to start loving the skin you live in, reach out. I’m here to help.

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