Keto Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions that people have come across to when they started ketosis and here is some advice. I am not a dietitian or a nutritionist. I had success following a keto diet and decided to become keto coach certified to help others lose weight and feel great too.

What if I get lightheaded have brain fog or feels sluggish?

In that case you probably need sodium you can take that in the form of salted almonds or other salted nuts, as well as clear broth soup, or electrolytes which has magnesium and potassium.

What if I experience constipation?

You need more water 1 to 2 quarts per day at least and more fiber from veggies. Also 400 mg per day of magnesium if constipated. Increasing the olive oil intake will also help.

What if I get diarrhea, bloating or gas?

This usually stops after a couple of days as the body cleans and adjust to the new high fat diet. In this case you can decrease magnesium a little bit since it may trigger diarrhea in some people.And also taking too much MCT oil or olive oil can also trigger that.

What if I have eye twitches, heart flutters or muscle cramps?

It’s good to check with your physician but you probably need more magnesium and potassium. A handful of nuts is high in magnesium. Half an avocado contains twice the potassium of a banana and without the carbs. Just keep in mind that a banana will bump you out of ketosis. Again electrolytes t will help if it contains magnesium potassium and sodium.

What if I get hungry while on the diet?

If you are hungry it’s because you are not eating enough fats and instead you are eating too many carbs or too much protein. Adjust the diet. You can eat 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond butter, a slice of full-fat cheese, a lettuce wrapped burger with no bun, or a chicken breast with one to two slices of cheese. That will take the hunger away and keep your carbohydrate intake low.

What if I eat or drink something and then I feel groggy?

This is a sign that that specific food or drink – and it often is peanuts, coffee, cheese, whipping cream, etc. that’s causing you inflammation. You may be sensitive to it, you may contain some toxins, or perhaps what you ate was simply too high in carbs for you. The key is to minimize that food intake and avoid it altogether if you have to.

What if I urinate more than normal?

When your body shifts into ketosis this lowers insulin levels. The previously elevated insulin levels have caused you to retain water. Therefore, you will lose about 4 to 5 lb of water weight in your first week in the keto diet because the kidneys will excrete the excess fluids. That is a good sign and all you need to do is to drink sufficient water along with taking sodium, potassium and magnesium during this time. The frequent urination will usually stop after the first week. It can be so often in the first week that you might actually need to wake up once or twice during the night as well. So don’t panic it’s normal, and it means you are in ketosis.

What if I’m not getting enough fiber?

Fiber is very important but normally people get enough of it with the veggies in the keto diet. If that’s still not enough you can add seeds like chia seeds in the aount of 1 tablespoon once or twice a day. Just keep in mind the seats also have carbs so for now the fibers in the green vegetables should usually be enough. Also reduce dairy products. They often tend to produce constipation and that can make you feel that you’re not getting enough fiber.

What if I feel achy?

Again the foods you are eating may be causing inflammation in your body. Peanuts and dairy are common causes for this. All you have to do is to make the intake of dairy and peanuts and whatever other food made you feel achy as rare as you need to or even eliminate them all together.

What if my gallbladder acts up?

Often women who have done a lot of low-fat diets and vegetarian people may have gallbladder issues without realizing it. Their gallbladder may have sludge in it or may not be functioning properly. Healthy fats like 1 to 2 tablespoons of olive oil two to three times per day will usually flush out the gallbladder. In worse cases you may need a teaspoon of olive oil every hour for 4 to 8 hours to slowly get the gallbladder functioning normally again. Take it slow and make sure you consult your doctor if the pain persists.

Will my 4 pounds of water loss come back?

As I said when you first get into ketosis your body probably dumps about 4 to 5 lbs. of stored water and glycogen. If you bump yourself out of ketosis it’s possible that you will gain that water back from just one single meal, like eating pizza or a baked potato for example. That it’s a sign that you are out of ketosis, but you don’t have to panic. Go to sleep and start again in the morning. You will lose the 4 lb of water again in no time.

Can I get depressed on ketosis?

Even though is very rare because ketosis actually helps with brain function and make you feel better, that is a possibility because on a low-carb diet some people develop low serotonin levels and that brings on a mild depression, feeling down or food cravings. This is much more often in women than men. It is important to talk to a doctor if this occurs. You have to know that the common symptoms of low serotonin include insomnia, cravings for starches and sugar, depressed moods, low self-esteem and anxiety.

How will ketosis affect me if I’m taking other medication?

A great benefit of ketosis is that the body starts healing itself from many conditions in many ways. Of course if you’re taking medication prescribed by a doctor you need to follow up with your physician regularly to see if your dosage need to be lowered or even discontinued.

What if I cannot sleep?

First of all make sure that your last coffee or black tea in the day is no later than 2 p.m.. It is good to actually talk to a physician if the symptoms persist. One benefit of ketosis is increased energy and for many that translates into decreased need for sleep. Also taking magnesium supplements at bedtime helps with insomnia as well.

What is the worst thing that can happen to me while I’m in ketosis?

Ketosis usually does not cause any harm. It is incredibly healthy and the ideal way to lose weight. Of course it’s not recommended for expectant mothers because this will prevent the necessary weight gain during pregnancy. So if you experience any of the symptoms, 99.9% of the time the cause of the symptoms its food intake and the 99.9% of the time the solution is to increase the fat and decrease carbs and protein. If by any reason you are worried that this transition process may affect your work performance or driving then I recommend to start on a Friday afternoon. Most people in that case will probably be well into ketosis on Monday morning. So do you feel like burning fat all day and all night long while feeling good, sleeping great, reversing diseases, and quenching inflammation and oxidation?

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