Will I gain weight after I stop eating keto?

The Keto Diet starts at 20 grams of carbs per day or lower on purpose because this is a number far below what most people need in order to lose weight. After you get to the ideal weight, your number it’s ready to be revealed.

How to find your KCL

You have been eating a 20 grams a day carbs diet while regularly losing weight so in order to find the number you have to begin to increase your daily carb intake by 10 grams each week.

You can add some hummus beans and some fruits to reach your KCL number rather than adding grains potatoes or excessive dairy. One thing is for sure if you introduce all the carbs back that you once ate you will eventually gain all the weight back as well. In the same time while you’re increasing the carb levels by 10 grams a week carefully watch your ketones.

With the slow increase in carbs intake you will still lose weight slower, and by now you will be far beyond the month-long window in which the urine strips can measure your Ketone levels. For accurate Ketone readings at this point for sure you need to use the Ketone breath analyzer or the blood Ketone monitor.

Some people try to guess based on their symptoms such as whether they lose weight anymore. Even though that can be fairly accurate, actually measuring the Ketone levels will help you be sure of what your number is. It’s your carbs increase you notice that your Ketone levels decrease a little bit in the first few weeks. Then after increasing daily carbs by 10 grams for a couple of weeks feature point where the ketones are down to zero. That’s when the weight loss has stopped.

Congratulations now you have found your keto carb limit number.

Once you have your number in hand, if you are still looking to lose weight carbine take down back to 20 grams per day and you will see how your ketones jump back to 0.525 millimeters deep within the ketosis again burning as furiously as before.

So what is it that you can do next? Well if you still need to lose weight like I said it’s good to keep going with the ketosis diet and see if you have achieved your ideal weight. And if you’re wondering how long you can stay in ketosis the answer is as long as you want.

You can stay in ketosis and see if you have burned all of your extra fat and you are at your desire wave goal and then at that point you can basically choose to either stay in a mild ketosis state, which is healthy and you get all the benefits of ketosis and your way control or you can transfer to an anti-inflammatory diet, focus on eating more healthy food options would knowing your KCL number you’ll be able to control your weight.

Or you can go back to eating what you used to eat this is not recommended because most likely if you are going to eat all the carbs and sugar that you used to any possible that you’re going to gain back the possible adverse the facts.

So you understand that the third option it’s there because many people do to relax that is not recommended and I hope you’ll never get there. The second option it’s a great healthy one and it’s definitely viable long-term and it enables you to maintain your weight while having a lot more food options than in the keto diet itself. But now because you know your KCl number you have in hand a very useful tool to help you manage the carbs you are eating. You will know exactly how much brown rice you wans to eat and how much is too much. Once you needed once you can always swing back into the ketosis diet end probably if you stayed in a healthy lifestyle then turn into ketosis will be able to be pretty smooth.

Many people who has been respecting the keto diet for don’t ever want to go back to what they used to eat morning. They take it to the next level where they’re adding fasting is intermittent fasting to the regular daily lifestyle. Fasting for 10 to 12 hours every day well being in ketosis is healthy option the healthiest of all because it helps even the healthiest people to prevent disease by reducing inflammation in the body.

Many people adopt keto diet on the regular basis. If you just want some and saying the weights while working out and having a healthy lifestyle all you need to do is to know your KCL number. If you want to just lose a little bit of weight like half a pound a week then a just below your KCL number.

So if your number it’s let’s say is 100 grams of carbs a day state who do low. Like around 80 or 90 grams a day long-term number that will enable you to stay in ketosis and enjoy all the benefits you have come to love so much. This is a mild state of ketosis so you are hovering just inside the keto zone.

On the other hand how to do is to exceed your daily carb limit that you already know and that will bump you out of ketosis. So it’s basically up to you and that point and what you want to do in life. Of I will tell you right now that the weights and weights with the scale it’s not always the best especially after you lost the way that you want and you are in a state of mild ketosis right underneath your KCL number.

I surely hope that people who start the keto diet and everybody else will add exercise in their life when that happens if the exercise includes resistance training in any shape and the training results in increased muscle mass, the weights measured by the scale it’s not going to be an accurate number because muscle it’s much denser than fat.

Therefore gain weight and the scale will tell you that you have a few extra pounds but when you measure your waist circumference you see that you’re actually shrinking even though you’re getting heavier. Like I said that is because muscle is formed and grows into your body and muscle is denser than fat.

Exercise helps you burn fat and it builds muscle mass it’s not accurate. Just like everything else ketosis and the keto diet balance healthy and ideal diet for weight loss for health and longevity get to the main goals that we wanted as weight loss goes can you living a healthy balanced lifestyle which includes healthy food natural food mostly organic now we know that grass-fed needs are much better than Grateful Dead you know that packaged foods are not healthy most of the time and we also know that exercise will keep us happy and fulfilled physically and also emotionally.

I hope I have been clear in describing what’s ketosis is and what are the aspects that we need to know about the keto diet what are its benefits its challenges it’s possible downfalls. I know that once you start on the journey of ketosis and you feel the transformation in your own body like fat is bad and older fat phobia that you might have experience before you started be completely vanished. The important thing is that now at any point in your life you have access known to which is scientifically proven to burn fat and in fact be one of these is not the best method of losing weight that it’s known so far always go back to it as needed.

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