Ketones and how to measure them

It usually takes a while for the body to get into the ketosis, and in order to see that you are in a keto one other than feeling energetic, and seeing your diminishing belly fat there are also a few tests which can be done. The first is easy and very inexpensive and available at pharmacies or health food stores.

These are the keto strips, which you can use to measure the ketones in your urine in the first month or so of ketosis. They will give you a pretty good idea if you are burning fat or not. You will be able to check two or three times a day and see how your body is doing and this can be a very motivating feeling when you know that your body’s actively burning off your extra fat.

After a month of being in ketosis or regular basis the ketones from the urine will eventually go away and that can be misread as a sign that your body is not burning fat anymore but that is not true. What happened is that the body has adjusted even farther into fat burning mode. When measuring ketones in the urine we are only measuring one type of ketone which is called acetoacetate. But the liver produces three different types of ketones one being acetoacetate, a second being beta hydroxybutyrate and the third being acetone. After approximately a month in ketosis, the acetoacetate in the urine it will be gone, as the body adjust to the new fat-burning function, it will start producing mainly the 2 other ketones: The acetone and the beta hydroxybutyrate.

If you want to keep measuring the ketones in your body you can use a ketone breath analyzer to measure acetone or a blood ketone monitor to measure beta hydroxybutyrate. These ketones will show up on tests only if you are still in the ketosis state. Just like with everything else, in order to form a habit and consistently staying in the keto diet zone, many dietitians and nutritionists recommend this testing to be done daily.

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