What are the Benefits of Ketosis

What happens to the body when it’s in the keto stage?

  • You can lose weight without starving.
  • You don’t have hunger cravings
  • You have full appetite control
  • You can lose 1 to 3 lbs per week – even more if you exercise regularly
  • You feel happy
  • You feel energetic
  • You can improve your memory/mind clarity

According to medical doctors you can usually improve and sometimes reverse most illnesses. So with all these benefits it makes many people wonder why not everybody is following this diet. But truth is that this diet, as healthy as it may be, is not for everybody. Not because it can harm us, but because us humans are very set in our ways.

We love our food, we love our traditions, and change it’s a very difficult task. We base our choices on what we desire in life.It is also a matter of what our motivation is. What is our personal why in following a diet, this diet, or in doing anything for that matter? Whatever it is that moves you, whatever it is that you desire, that is the key indicator if you are going to succeed. And believe it or not, not many people know what truly fires them up to do anything.

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