What is Ketosis? Keto Explained

Ketosisis a natural, safe body condition, where our bodies are burning fat rather than sugar, as the primary fuel source. The sugar our bodies usually burn is glucose, which is produced from the carbs we eat. Any extra glucose is stored either in the liver or the muscles as glycogen or converted to fat for storage.

By lowering carb intake, insulin hormone levels also drop, and we reprogram our metabolism to shift into fat burning mode. Healthy foods that are high in healthy fats and eating a moderate amount of healthy protein is what helps control the appetite and reach the wanted weight.

When our bodies are in this fat burning mode we are technically in the state of ketosis. Ketosis is a natural state of the human body and its safe, while the body burns fat rather than sugar. We actually tend to come close to ketosis when we sleep, if we eat around 6 in the evening and fast before going to bed, everybody’s very close to ketosis after 12 hours of fasting or more.

After we eat breakfast in the morning, or we break our fasting in anyway, the body usually does not return into the ketosis state for the rest of the day because the body it’s busy digesting the food that we have eaten or drinking, and it’s busy breaking down the carbs. So when we eat a high carb diet we will have our body busy digesting for a long time.

When we eat a low-carb diet and high fat intake we go into the ketosis where the body burns fat and believe it or not the stubborn fat around the belly is the first one to go. That is the fat targeted in ketosis, because of the anti-inflammatory benefits of the diet.

Imagine your body instead of digesting carbs and store them as fat, in ketosis, the body burns fat all day long. It also makes us sharp and alert, way more energetic and with less food cravings for the whole day.

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