Sober October

I decided to stop drinking alcohol.

Okay, not forever, but for 30 days. And I knew I couldn’t do it alone so I enlisted a few of my friends who were going to do it along with me. We set a date, we defined the rules, and we put together a little private Facebook group to stay committed.

I was seriously afraid I was addicted, especially since September was an especially WET month.

I was scared I would fail.

I was sure I could not keep my promises to myself and to others.

Today is day 7 and you know what? I got this.

I am what I call a situational drinker, and in my life, there’s a situation for EVERYTHING. Food goes with drinks whether it’s margarita’s for taco night, white wine with sushi, “honey, can you make me a martini?”, then maybe another, red at just about ANY occasion. But these last 7 days have been…okay. Sure there were a few times I felt like going into the basement and pouring myself a cider (we have it on tap), we went to our local corner bar on Friday (club soda for me), dinner on Friday night, no pre-drinks at the movies, and tonight, nothing with pick your own toppings ho-made pizza. Did I mention ho-made pizza?

Looking back to this past week it’s been kinda like when I quit smoking 10 years ago (although so far SO MUCH easier). Sure I FEEL like having a drink, sometimes, especially in those “situations”, but you know what I don’t NEED to drink. I have control of this. I can do this.

All cravings will pass. I grab a cup of tea or a club soda instead. I keep myself busy and remember my commitment to myself and to my friends. I’m down 4.2# in almost a week (other healthy habits are starting to creep in too) and I’m hopeful that if I keep this up, I’ll start to sleep better which is a big motivator for starting this challenge altogether.

What about you? Is there a habit you’re trying to break? Would you be willing to give it up for 30 days to start a healthy habit and prove to you, you can do it? I’m always open to doing more groups in the future!

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