CIZE: The END of Exercise Now Available

I was in Nashville last week with 25,000 other Coaches, we got to workout with Shaun T. and boy oh boy was CIZE the HOT ITEM while we were there.

Now you too can work out with Shaun T. every day in YOUR home.  Get into great shape at home with Shaun T’s newest, intense dance fitness program. You’ll have so much fun challenging yourself to master the dance choreography during this 4 week program that you won’t even realize you are getting a great cardio workout. CIZE truly is “The end of exercize.”

In each routine, Shaun breaks down challenging moves step-by-step, and builds them into a full dance sequence in just 35-40 minutes. So, while you are mastering the dance moves, you’ll also be burning fat and calories.

We’re hosting a Challenge Group starting August 3rd using CIZE.  What’s a Challenge Group you ask?  A group of motivated men and women who want to get their sweat on with Shaun T., using this new  fun dance program, drink a healthy, delicious, all natural meal replacement shake daily, eat right, and support and encourage each other on a PRIVATE and FREE Facebook group.  Do you want to join us?  Then click on this link to order your Challenge Pack and we’d LOVE to have you join our group.

Still have questions?  Reach out to me and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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