Eating Vegan at a Restaurant – Part 1



truly-a-vegan-restaurantThe first two types of restaurants you may want to check out to insure you get Vegan foods, are Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants.  There are new ones popping up every day.


The beauty of vegan restaurants is you actually have a whole menu to choose from! I know, joy! Go ahead, feast away!  My favorite is Native Foods.  There are 3 in Chicago, and I know many more in other areas of the country.


Just check to make sure the items you are ordering are vegan, the servers understand your language, so they will know how to edit a dish if needed to make it vegan friendly.

Okay, those were clearly the easy ones.  I promise the next several days we will be exploring our creative juices, taste palates and giving you more ideas to enjoy.

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Bon Appetit!

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