You Don’t Have To Be A Size 2 To Inspire Others

Truth in the fact that you don’t have to have a Transformation Story to be a great inspiration to others.  This gal is one of the coaches in our team and I hope you watch her video and/or read her post…and realize you are not alone.  No matter what size you are, if you are working towards a better you, you are a winner.

“To have Beachbody share my story with 293+K coaches and the world is one of the highlights of my life during the quarterly Super Saturday in April 2015. As a plus size woman on a journey to fit, my hope, when I started, was to inspire one person by sharing my journey. To share what it looked like, sounded like, to show a body with a belly, modifications, hope, and empowerment. All of this was born out of frustration because I could not find someone like me sharing their journey, only their after. I didn’t want to hate myself. I wanted to give back to a body that saved me from many layers of pure hell… My body didn’t fail me in the 150 lbs I gained. It found a way to SAVE me. Now I am giving back by focusing on a healthier life. I knew if I was searching, others were too.

We are not a before, we are not an after, we are forever a work in progress. It is a journey. Embrace the struggle. I didn’t understand why we went through all we did. In the video I said, I could not understand what we did wrong. Now I understand, we went through all we did so we can do what it is that we do now. We are stronger, better people, and humbled. The greatest gift can come out of our worst moments. I understand why now. I am living it. The chapter that was shared in the video is closed. Our next chapter has only just begun.

I wasn’t a Beachbody coach when I started. Actually, I didn’t want to have anything to do with it. My Beachbody coach experience started with one person who was just supportive, and that opened up a whole new world of people to me. We would not be where we are today if we didn’t commit to just moving our bodies, if our coach didn’t tell us about the discount, or if he was shy to tell me about coaching (regardless of HOW bad my attitude was at the time, LOL). IF he didn’t, we wouldn’t… be where we are today. I started as a coach at over 300 lbs. I started my journey at over 330 lbs. With nothing… empty. In my heart, in my hope, in my bank account. Our life has been filled by helping others on their journey. If my coach, @jimmyhaysnelson didn’t share this with us, we would NOT be here today. It is thanks to my coach and Beachbody. Beachbody has been a blessing and it is a gift that I share with everyone.

I am a PROUD Plus Size Beachbody Coach, just a chick on a journey to fit, sharing with others. The amazing part? I get to the be a part of the journey of 100’s of thousands of people indirectly and a small group directly.

HUGE thank you to Beachbody. What a heart they have for ALL of us!”

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