No More Copays!


DoctorJaw Dropping Improvement in Health Stats in less than 3 months from a Challenger thanks to a coach on our team.

If you take medicine for Blood Pressure, Cholesterol or Thyroid YOU MUST READ THIS!!!!!!!

Medical Lab Results Update

“So yesterday I received my updated lab results for all of my medical labs. Needless to say I do not understand all the results but I will highlight the most important ones here. My original labs were done at my last checkup on September 25th 2014. The updated results are from April 17th 2015. I changed diet, exercise and added Shakeology on February 9th 2015. Not sure what has caused the most benefit but I am not giving up any one of the three. My medication did not change in this time period.

Cholesterol – Before : 211mg/dl – After : 121mg/dl
Triglycerides – Before : 231mg/dl – After : 61mg/dl
HDL – Before : 34mg/dl – After : 38mg/dl
LDL – Before : 131mg/dl – After : 71mg/dl
Chol/HDL Ratio – Before : 6.2 – After : 3.2
Glucose – Before : 112mg/dl – After : 89mg/dl
TSH (thyroid) – Before : 5.06mclU/hL – After : 0.75mclU/hL

Even medicated I was outside of normal levels in almost all categories. I am now completely within normal levels on everything. This has been accomplished with 2.5 months of daily exercise, moderate diet, and a Shakeology shake every day. My doctor said he has never seen results turn around this fast.

We are scheduled for a follow up in 2 weeks to adjust all of my medications down. I have been medicated for Cholesterol and Thyroid since I was 27 years old (14 years ) I am on the path to reduce or discontinue these medications. This is monthly copays that I will no longer need to pay. The cost savings because of this will be amazing. (monthly cost savings) I can not urge you enough to act now to get healthy. I can help you find the way. Lets work together to make a healthier, happier world.

If you know someone that could benefit from this information please share on your page, tag the person, message them. Some people feel they just don’t have a choice. It is up to us to help everyone realize their potential and be what they want to be.”

And the feedback from his wife:  “I was speechless when I read through the paper work! I never thought this would happen. I believe so much in Beachbody because my husband has done so many things over the years with different programs and this is the first time anything has worked.”

Not everyone is severely overweight, or on many prescription medications, but if you are, or know someone who is, reach out to me and lets find a way to wow your doctor too.

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