Countdown to Cancun – THIS WEEK!

SamplesI was out of town for my 2nd to last weigh in so I don’t have official stats to report.  And the reason I was out of town  was for work training, which meant I wasn’t in control of my food, and I didn’t always make the best choices.  Like the pretzels and caramel popcorn on Thursday afternoon, or ice cream sundae on Friday before we went home.

But I did manage to eat SOME good things, like my Shakeology every day…thank goodness my samples came in just in time.  Those are GREAT for people on the go.

I’m completing a round of the 3 Day Refresh this weekend so Saturday, Sunday, and Monday I’m only drinking shakes and eating fruits, vegetables and healthy fats.  I actually wasn’t even hungry for dinner the first night, but ate anyway.

There’s only shopping, packing, a Monday, and a work review on Tuesday between me and my vacation now.  I may not make it all the way to my goal of 15#, but I made consistent progress and I know I am lighter, smaller, and fitter than I was late-February when I started planning for this trip.

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