Countdown to Cancun – 11 Days


How can it be only 11 days away?  I was good this week, but not as good as I could have and thus, the scale only dropped a pound.  Only, is not a positive way to look at it, because it’s better than GAINING a pound!

Next weekend I’m going to do the 3-Day Refresh again and also go buy a new swim suit!  Yikes!  But I’m sure all the stores will be stocked full of this year’s summer items.  I already have all the resort casual dresses, shirts and shorts, and coverups I need for the trip.  I have one swim-suit I plan on bringing and hope to find just one more that I like enough to buy. I have at least a dozen swim suits, but a gal can always have at least one more, right?

If the thought of trying on a bathing suit right now frightens you, contact me to discuss some options to get you on the path to dropping up to 10-15 pounds in just 3 weeks.  I have lots of gals and a few guys I’ve already helped with this safe, and effective method.

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