Countdown to Cancun – 18 Days


This S#!T is getting real.  LOL.  Well I went down a pound this week, so that officially puts me behind schedule, but you know what – I’ve lost 9# in 6 weeks and I’m pretty darn happy with that. I put on some summer dresses and shorts yesterday and I have plenty to get my through the 5 day vacation. I may head over to Kohl’s or Target and pick up a new swim suit though.  Gotta have SOMETHING new to sport on my reward vacation. 🙂

Last weekend was a true challenge for me.  We had friends in from out of town and it seemed like all we did was ate and drank.  The scale was seriously up 10# on Monday, but most of that was sodium from pizza and bloody marys.  So I got re-focused after they left, worked out every day, and put my food in those crazy colored containers and stuck to those.  It really does work, and I don’t feel hungry.

I went to a GREAT spin class this morning, but now I’m exhausted and think I will be going to bed early tonight.

My message to you is…keep plugging along.  The warm weather is on it’s way and it will be shorts and swimsuit season for us all soon enough!

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