21 Day Fix Extreme CEO Results


So these are the results for our CEO Carl Daikeler’s 21 days of the 21 Day Extreme workout and nutrition plan.  He is 8 lbs down doing one round of 21 Day Fix Extreme and following the Countdown to Competition nutrition plan. He says he feels “way stronger and more agile than he was just three weeks ago. Not bad for a 51 year old dude!

He followed this thing to the letter. And while he was not overweight (thanks to monthly rounds of the 3-Day Refresh), he was definitely not in shape when he started. The first week was REALLY hard for him, but he’s pretty pleased with how fast he adapted. This version of the portion-controlled food plan took a lot of discipline and is probably not something he would repeat… But he’d say it is exactly what we wanted to provide people who want to see the most dramatic visible results possible in 3 weeks.

Carl said “the best thing about this for me is that once again I’m impressed and proud of one of our programs – what the product and fitness team delivered – and particularly the quality and motivation which Autumn Calabrese created. She didn’t pull any punches and she delivered exactly as promised. I continue to be impressed by her work, and how lucky we have been as a company with the talent we call on to help us Deliver Results to our customers. Autumn is a pro, and this program reflects it.

And you – you crazy bunch of Facebook and Instagram friends! Thank you so much for holding me accountable.”

Having the support and accountability of a group really works as this is nutrition, and exercise, and a T.E.A.M. !  Together Everyone Achieves More.

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