Yoga’s Healing Powers

This video has crossed my newsfeed on more than one occasion, and I cry every time.  Please watch this 4 minute video…all the way to the end and see how this almost crippled man was helped by someone willing to teach him yoga, and how it changed his life.

I started going to an occasional yoga class in 2010 when I started running. When you go from very inactive to active 5-6 days a week, your body does need time to stretch and heal itself.  I suffered from some pretty painful IT band issues and used yoga as a way to relive some of the pain.

Now I continue to stretch / foam roll / attend yoga classes as a way to keep injuries at bay, alleviate sore muscles, and clear my head.  A vigorous 2 hour yoga class not only burns a ton of calories, it leaves my mind and my body feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

I would practice yoga every day if I had enough time.  But I love running, and swimming, and all other sorts of exercises too much to limit myself to just one.  I’m glad Arthur had a teacher that was willing to be patient and help him.  He changed a life for sure.  I will love coming back to this video over and over.

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