March: 3 Day Refresh – Day 2

030815lunchWell I will admit I was hungry after I got in bed and watched a few seasons of Sons of Anarchy on Saturday night.  But not enough to get out of bed and do anything about it. LOL.

Of course with the time change I’m up super early because my body DOES NOT know how to sleep in, no matter how late I stay up…watching even more episodes of Sons of Anarchy.

And I was hungry today.  But not weak or nauseous.  Just feeling lighter and some grumbly in my tumbly.  Food was good!  I did eat my lunch fruit about an hour before lunch. Because I didn’t have fruit in my vanilla shake, I decided to put about 1 tsp. of cocoa powder in my shake and that was GOOD!

Dinner out for my MIL’s birthday.  Really hard to eat just vegetables at a restaurant so I had 1/2 of an appetizer vegetable salad and the patty of a veggie burger (made with beans, but eh – it is what it is).  If you are going to do this program for the first time, I say STICK WITH IT exactly as planned.  I also had a very vigorous yoga class yesterday (105 minutes) so that could be why I was feeling so hungry, and went to another more chill…but still challenging 75 minute class today.

Day 2 was good.  Only one more day to go!

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