Do You Track Macros?

I think it’s an AWESOME way to really get your nutrition dialed in for optimal fat loss while still building muscle, but I do think 21-Day fix is the easier way and teaches you to eye-ball it, and teaches you which foods are considered carbs, proteins and healthy fats…. something you’ll always remember! While I believe in the effectiveness of tracking Macro’s, I don’t want to track everything I eat for the rest of my life. But I do sorta track it if I feel my nutrition has been getting off track.

A little education for those who are not up to speed, but Macro Nutrients are carbs, proteins and fats. Your body only needs a certain amount of each to MAINTAIN your current body composition, a certain amount to lose fat, and a certain amount to gain fat, and certain amount to lose fat and gain muscle. So by tracking what is *estimated* that your body needs to lose fat, you are basically eating the nutrients you NEED to hit your goal.

A common ratio for fatloss while still gaining some muscle is 40/30/30 – i.e. 40% of your ideal intake for fatloss being carbs, 30% protein, and 30% healthy fats. So this would mean, if your ideal calorie intake for fatloss was 2000 calories, then 40% of your total calories would come from carbs and you need to convert those calories to grams (2000*40%= 800 calories and since there are 4 calories per gram of carbs, that means 200grams of carbs for the day).

Doing the math for the protein would mean 150 grams of protein (protein is also 4 calories per gram) and it would equate to 66 grams of healthy fats (fats are 9 calories per gram). If you know your ideal calorie intake for fat loss, you can enter that calorie number in on the site and look for Macronutrient Calculator and it will tell you how many grams to eat per day.

Or you can make it simple and use The 21 Day Fix.

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