Countdown To Cancun – 47 Days


On Monday I got a call from a coach on my team inviting me to be her guest on a tropical vacation in Mexico on April 15th, which she earned through her Beachbody business.

  • On Tuesday I discussed it with my hubby,
  • On Wednesday I cleared it with my boss,
  • On Thursday I booked my flight,

On Friday I started FREAKING OUT!

How am I going to get Beachbody ready in 47 days?  LOL.

The most amazing thing is, this coach who invited me EARNED this trip.  She signed up in January 2014, had to pay a deposit, and then each month as she helped connect people with health and fitness support, Beachbody chipped in for her vacation.  Over the course of the year she touched many lives, helped lots of people, and gained a great deal of satisfaction from doing so.  In return, Beachbody is sending her and a guest (ME!) to Cancun for an all-inclusive, 5-day/4-night tropical vacation with sun, and sand, and booze, and food, and a spa…..oh yeah, and hobnobbing with some of the most successful coaches in this organization.  I guess we’ll do a couple workouts too.   haha

Before I knew about this upcoming vacation, I was punching and kicking my way through COMBAT in January and February  (it’s a mixed martial arts workout).

Almost 2 weeks ago, I started P90X3 that I’m streaming on my iPad through Beachbody’s On Demand, and am LOVING this program.

I also attend a 1-hour 45 minute yoga class most Saturdays, and I’m going to start spinning once a week, probably on Sundays because who knows when it’s going to warm up so I can start running again.

My food is on track with the 21 Day Fix Portion Control, and I feel like I have a handle on my snacking and moderate consumption of adult beverages.

SO…I’m going to Cancun in 47 days and my GOAL is to lose 15 lbs. by then.  Can I do it?  I don’t know, but I’m going to work on it every day, and I’d love the support from all of YOU!

I am SO EXCITED I can’t even tell you, and this is exactly the kind of motivation I needed to kick my workouts up a notch, and really keep a handle on my food intake.  I’ll be updating you on a weekly basis so stay tuned for the incredibly shrinking Mel.

Do you want to join me?  No, not in Cancun silly, but on a path to lose some extra pounds before summer?  I know it seems like winter is never going to end, but you don’t want to wake up 60 days from now and only have 30 days to fit into your shorts.

Send me your contact information below and LETS DO THIS!

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