Social Media Can Help You Lose Weight

January2015SuperSaturdayHow much time do you spend online each day doing non-work related things?  Chances are if you are reading this…well at least some.

I have found social media a GREAT place to stay in touch with like-minded individuals.  When I joined Weight Watchers in 2002 I never went to meetings, I did it all online.  And again in 2010.  Then when counting points wasn’t working for me, I counted calories on MyFitnessPal – a great site to track your calories, log your workouts, and connect with friends with similar interests.

In 2012 I joined a private and free Facebook accountability group from my Beachbody Coach Ann, and was in her group until 2014 when I started my own Free and Private Challenge Groups on Facebook.  I LOVE what this article has to say about using social media to stay connected and on track with your goals, and if you want some help, I’d love to invite you to my open group – NO PURCHASE NECESSARY!

A gal in my free group has lost 34 lbs. in the last 4 months.  THIRTY-FOUR POUNDS in 4 months.  That’s about 2 lbs. per week, which is a healthy and sustainable weight loss, and that was even over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday.  So what are you waiting for?  Contact me today and join a great group to help you reach your goals!


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