21 Day Fix EXTREME

21DayFIxExtremeIt’s time to get seriously shredded! Celebrity trainer and national bikini competitor Autumn Calabrese has combined simple eating with extreme fitness to help people shred up and shed off those final pounds with 21 Day Fix EXTREME.  Here is what I know about 21 Day Fix Extreme:

  • Release date 2/2/15
  • 21 Day Countdown to Competition menu plan included
  • 7 workouts to keep different muscle groups guessing
  • Workouts are 30 minutes in length
  • All of the 21 Day Fix Extreme workouts include weights
  • Takes the workouts of the original 21 Day Fix to the next level

The containers are the same as in the original 21 Day Fix but in different amounts designed for EXTREME results. There are 2 different meal plans: One is the bikini competition diet and the other is more strict than the original 21 Day Fix menu plan.  For this plan, no treats are allowed.  It is suggested that you start with the 21 Day Fix and then move to the 21 Day Fix Extreme.


Then PLACE YOUR ORDER and you could be bikini ready in under a month!


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