Biggest Loser Challenge Group – Final Stats!

What an AMAZING month we had in our private Facebook Challenge Group for support and accountability.  Just over 30 individuals joined us for a weight loss challenge where they checked in daily with what they ate for the day, what workout they did, what Shakeology flavor and recipe they consumed, and any positive comments or personal struggles they encountered over the 30 days.  Well this group did absolutely incredible and lost and astonishing 200+ lbs. and even more inches.  BiggestLoserFinalStats

There was an investment to purchase their program and Shakeology and program, and everyone ponied up $20 for the pot, and the top 3 challengers took home over $700 cold hard cash.

We also gave out prizes for most inches lost, most supportive group member, and most noticeable visible transformation.

It’s now February 1st.  If you’re like most of us, you weighed in on January 1st and were determined to make 2015 a year of health and fitness goals.  Ask yourself:  have I made progress toward these goals and am I proud of what I am achieving so far?  If so, GREAT!  How do you do it, and would you like to help others achieve these goals?  And if you haven’t made much progress, what’s keeping you from these goals, and what can I do to help?

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