Homemade Falafil

FalafilSo after completing two separate 3-week vegan diets (one in 2013 and repeating again in 2014), I have tried to pick more vegan or at least vegetarian options instead of always going for the animal protein. I found this mix at the grocery store for a few dollars the other day, and figured why not.  Its also nice to have something I can grab on the go.  I’m either working from home and don’t like to spend the time making a glamorous lunch, or I’m packing my lunch to go between client meetings so I don’t get tempted by fast food.

These were pretty easy to make, and now I have 6 lunches almost ready (3 in the fridge and 3 in the freezer).  Tomorrow I just need to whip up a cucumber yogurt sauce to throw on top with maybe a pita bread, or at least some fresh lettuce.  I did taste test one and I can say they are GOOD!

Do you have any favorite vegan or vegetarian recipes you’d like to share?

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