Lift Like a Beast, Look Like a Beauty



Can you believe this woman is in her late 30s, has only been working out since February of this year, and has SIX kids?  If you only dreamed of having a (booty) body like this, stop dreaming and start DOING!  She is in Week 5 of Body Beast and proof that lifting heavy does not bulk up women.

She completed Shaun T’s INSANTY first, then Les Mills PUMP.  Next she did a hybrid of PUMP and Les Mills COMBAT.  Then she moved on to Body Beast.  Each of these programs are 60-90 days with a day by day schedule of varied workouts, and a complete nutrition plan.

But you can’t just get this body from exercise.  Her nutrition is very on target, and she drinks Shakeology EVERY DAY!

So what are you waiting for?  Contact me today for a personalized assessment of your goals.  Not everyone can or wants to work towards a body like this, but if you share with me what you want, I can help you get there.  And I promise it won’t take a lifetime of commitment or hours in the gym every day.



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