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21 Day Fix 092214Gah, I have just been having way to much fun this summer, and today marks the first day of Fall, so I decided to re-dedicate myself to the 21 Day Fix nutrition program and drop some extra pounds before the holidays…and my soon to be planned vacation (more on that later).  So I dusted off my 21 Day Fix Eating Guide, re-calculated my containers (they didn’t change luckily) and did a little scrounging around in the fridge and cupboard for some healthy, balanced food for the day.  I have to say Day 1 was a huge success, just as easy as I remembered, and while I felt slightly hungry, I was never ravenous or felt like I wanted to “cheat”.  I also realized I’m almost out of fruit and veggies so I made a list and a trip to the grocery store and will be stocked for days with yummy healthy food to fuel my belly without excess calories.

The exercise component is also key, but I have to say – the first time I did the 21 Day Fix back in February, I was laid up with a back/leg injury and could barely walk let alone exercise, and I still lost a steady, healthy amount of weight.  So don’t let any excuses get in the way if you can’t work out every day.

I also joined a New Challenge Group too and there are 19 wonderful, excited people in our group this go-around.  Some are repeaters, but more are first timers and the excitement and success already is electrifying.  The 21 Day Fix is On Sale through the end of September, so if you’ve finally said enough with the tight pants and not finding anything to wear, or if you’re tired of counting calories or points…Order Your 21 Day Fix Here Today and join our next group.  We’d love to share in your success too.

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