Every day I’m inviting people to my challenge groups…and you know what:  the #1 reason people give as an excuse is they are too busy.  Hey, I’m not going to push you into something that you just won’t do, but wouldn’t a little support and encouragement go a long way?  I’m going to highlight just one of my challengers today who decided to put away the excuses and give herself a little love, and her results speak for themselves.  Now this woman has six kids, two jobs and she makes time 6 days a week, usually @40-50 minutes a day without fail, and she developed this body in LESS THAN 6 MONTHS, with a small investment into exercise and nutrition plans which I helped her pick out, and daily motivation and support from our free online accountability group.

So when someone tells me they don’t have time, I just look at Heidi’s results below, and feel proud of the hard work and dedication she put into making herself a healthier mom for her kids.



If you are ready to give up the excuses, contact me today for a personalized assessment and recommendation of your health and nutrition needs.  I love to help people become better versions of themselves.

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