Lost 4.6 lbs. in One Day!

3DayRefreshOkay, this is pretty unusual and disclaimer – “results not usual”, but I legitimately lost 4.6 lbs. in one day on the Beacbody 3 Day Refresh.   Going into Lollapalooza I knew I wasn’t going to eat healthy, and this was exactly what I needed to get my eating back on track. I do have to give Lollapalozza credit because they did have a lot of vegetarian options there and I only had a few bites of a hamburger late on Sunday evening, and the rest of the time I enjoyed meat free dishes…the problem was I enjoyed too many of them.  And ice cream…twice.  And plenty of adult beverages.  So there was a lot of sodium in there, and too many calories to count, but it was nice to wake up and have an easy to follow, simple program with a few shakes and some easy meals and snacks to get my body back into fighting shape. I only took pics of my food the first day since I’m going to eat pretty close to the same thing for breakfast, snacks, and lunch, but it was plenty of food and I felt lighter even by the end of the first day. I was STOKED to see I had dropped 4.6 lbs after just 24 hours so we’ll see what day 2 brings.

Feel free to wait for the final results, but if you want to lose some weight the healthy way fast, or you just want to get your eating in check – order the 3 Day Refresh and I’ll guide you through it.  Anyone can do this for 3 days, and if you don’t like it – get your money back, even after you have completed all 3 days.

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