Tonight’s Creation: Salmon in Lemon Broth with parmesan pea puree

Salmon & Pea PureeWell night #2 of cooking after two working stiffs go off to make the donuts was a success.  Hubby called at 6:25 to say he was on his way home, and I was plating this as he walked in the door at 7 on the dot.  So just over 30 minutes to get this done.  All the recipes from my plan make 4 servings, and I carefully portion them out so I have 2 extra servings for lunches.

Will have to skip the Balsamic Glazed Drumsticks this week since we only have 2 days left and Thursday is Chicken & Asparagus Farfalle with cantaloupe basil salad, and Friday is a vegetarian night with Chopped Italian Salad.

Good thing my fresh herbs are growing like weeds because I’m using a lot of fresh herbs in these recipes.  So far, everything is turning out very Mediterranean.

Thanks The Fresh 20 for the Meal Plan!

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