Fuel Your Workouts

0519FoodCollageSo I was excited to get back to working out to Les Mills Pump this week.  I had such great success with this program last year and I’m FIRED UP to be doing it again.  It really creates long, lean muscles and slims me down without making me bulky (very hard for a woman to get bulky anyway).  But it’s important to fuel your body when you jump into a new program like this.  Les Mills Pump is 3 days of weight lifting (lots of reps at lower weight) and 3 days of cardio or other non-weight bearing exercise.  I’m choosing walking, running, and yoga on my non-lifting days and when the pool opens this summer, I will be doing that too.

I’m still following along with the 21 Day Fix containers, but on days that I do two workouts, I’m bumping up my containers another level because I know I need the food to fuel my workouts.  Nothing worse than exercising a lot, but not eating enough and then your body goes into starvation mode and then you don’t lose any weight.  Having enough protein is important for fueling those muscles too, and it’s a bit of a challenge for me to get in enough protein eating a mostly vegetarian diet.  I do eat farm fresh eggs from my parents, and occasionally some good fish, but I have to find other protein sources such as Shakeology (daily!), Greek yogurt, low-fat cheeses, tofu, quinoa, edemame, and lentils are all an important part of my nutrition now.

If you’re stuck in a rut and need help busting out of a plateau, please let me know and I can work with you to recommend a program suited to your likes and needs.

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