Sunday Funday Runday

Running0518So I haven’t run regularly in a year, but yesterday got to get out and enjoy my first attempt at running this season.  Have been pretty active with the walking, but didn’t power up into a jog until yesterday and I have to admit…it wasn’t easy.  It never is when you first start after a long break.  And I managed 2.7 miles in 45 minutes.  Which wasn’t great, but it was a start.

Today was even more beautiful than yesterday, and after laying around the deck all afternoon reading my PD book, I laced up my shoes, grabbed the dog and away we went.  I can say today was much easier for sure.  We ran more than 1/2 of it, and I finished my favorite 3.1 mile course in 45 minutes.  I won’t be winning any medals for this one, but it sure did feel good to get the heart pumping, and running is one of my favorite exercises.

I also goes perfectly with Les Mills Pump which I am going to start back up tomorrow.  So geeked!



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