Ultimate Reset – Days 19 – 21

Got crazy busy with the weekend and finished the program with a bang, but just didn’t get to post.

Day 19 was great.  Everything was a repeat and easy to make.






Day 20 was awesome as well, and I loved the acorn squash with tahini so much I made it again.






Sunday was Mother’s Day and I was prepared with my spinach and strawberry salad to share, and my jicama/avocado salad to eat, but then one of my sisters made a raw pepper and cabbage salad that was super healthy, and my other sister made a great broccoli salad, so I had some of that too!  While everyone chowed down on ribs I enjoyed my 4 salad and was stuffed for HOURS.  We had a long drive home and hit some traffic so by time I got home I didn’t feel like waiting an hour to roast my veggies so I just ate my green apple and berries I had packed in the car as snacks.


Overall I lost @9# but mostly I have been feeling pretty amazing since day 2 or 3.  I would recommend this to anyone who has issues with food, trouble with digestion or sleeping.  It’s also great for people who are really overweight who want to start good eating habits, and even great for athletes, who are willing to take a short break from working out and focus on losing those last 5 pounds of belly or jiggle thighs they can never seem to bust.

Feel free to send me a message with any questions you have about this program.  As a two-time finisher I feel like a pro and plan to eat mostly vegetarian going forward.


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