Ultimate Reset – Day 14

Day14FoodCollageDay 14 was super easy for me.  I take a look at the recipes for the upcoming week, make a food list, and go to a fresh produce store weekly for my fruits and veggies.  That way I have ripe, fresh food to eat over the next several days.  After my grocery shopping I enjoyed my fruit plate, then we headed to Home Depot to purchase our annual herbs that we plant in trays off the back porch.  What we spend for 7-8 fresh herbs once a year, is probably what I spend in 1 trip during the off season so it’s oh so worth it.  Plus I don’t have to worry if it’s gone bad in the fridge or not, I just go out back and snap off a few pieces that I need.

Lunch was a huge Greek salad and dinner was a repeat of one of my favorites Asian Stir Fry with Miso Soup and 1/2 Baked Sweet Potato with cinnamon.

I also took the time to prep some of my meals for Monday since I have a busy day scheduled.  On to week three!

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