Ultimate Reset – Day 13

Day 13 was proof that you can still go out, be social, and stay on track with The Ultimate Reset.  I had several ballgames, Father’s Day, and birthday parties the first time I did this program, so I knew I could work it in.  I had my standard fruit for breakfast and then we headed to the Cubs game.  I thought the restaurant I went to was going to have a veggie burger, but they didn’t – they had a “sloppy jane” which was a tempeh meal.  I tried tempeh before and didn’t like it, but figured I’d give it a try…I didn’t like it.  I ate @1/3 of my burger and threw it away.  Luckily on my way out of the restaurant and to my seats I found a veggie burger and ate that.  It was good.  Then after the game we met up with a friend so we headed out to an early dinner, and I ate another veggie burger.  It was all good.  I didn’t take pictures of all my meals since I was out in public, but after I got home, I wasn’t even hungry and didn’t eat anything else for the rest of the evening.

Week3ShoppingBut I did get my grocery shopping done for week 3.  This is almost exclusively a pure fruit and veggies week.

Diving in!!!

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