Ultimate Reset – Day 12

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Another day on the books.  Will some proper planning, I didn’t have to do a lot of cooking either.  I usually have a snack in the mid-afternoon, but I took a nap instead, didn’t even miss it, and wasn’t ravenous by dinner either.  I made the Garlic Veggies for dinner which were pretty good, but the Asian stir fry is better.  The rest of the day was smooth sailing.  Yes, I continue to step on the scale, and yes I’m down over 8 pounds, but most of all, I feel fantastic.  I don’t have the same aches and pains that I did when I did The Reset last summer, but I don’t feel perfect all the time either.  It is a process.  I did find a restorative yoga practice online with ocean waves lapping in the background and practiced that mid morning on Day 12.  I felt fantastic afterwards, and my lower back where I tend to hold a lot of tension was greatly reduced.  They recommend restorative yoga; short, brisk walks; and plenty of sunshine during The Reset.  And with the sun finally coming out today, I think I can hit a home run with all 3 today.

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