Ultimate Reset – Day 10

Day10FoodCollageDay 10 was a challenge from a timing and a preparation standpoint, but overall a GREAT day.  I had an extra large breakfast since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to control lunch.  I was attending a customer presentation and I knew lunch would be served – probably sandwiches from Potbelly’s.  I cut up a bunch of vegetables, put them in baggies and a few crackers in case I was really hungry.  They did have sandwiches as expected, but they did have a few vegetarian ones so I grabbed 1/2 small sandwich.  It did have melted cheese all over it, and no way to pick it out so I did eat it and a few of my veggies.  I passed up the macaroni salad, potato salad, chips, and all the condiments.

Then I had to meet someone for coffee so I chose a caffeine free herbal tea which was as good as I could get.

When I got home I took my afternoon supplements and a bit later ate the rest of my veggies I didn’t get to because I didn’t want to be to obvious in the meeting that I was eating veggies out of my bag.

By time dinner came I was so relieved that I had a bunch of Roasted Sweet Pepper and Sweet Potato Soup made from the other night because I was feeling a little drained.  I heated up my soup on the stove while I roasted some fresh asparagus.  I was hungry shortly thereafter so I made some edamame for extra protein too.

My shoulders were feeling especially achy, but I haven’t been nearly as “sore” since the first time I did the detox.  So I took a nice hot bath with Epsom salts to relieve some of the stiffness.

I also noticed my face had gotten flush throughout the evening and I had several pimples popping up on my chin.  It is very normal to have breakouts (even in your 40s) on the 2nd week of this program because your body is detoxing and pushing out all the junk from your body.  I was pleased to see in the morning, the redness and the pimples were all gone.  Slept great, and jumped out of bed, excited and ready to start the day!


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