Ultimate Reset – Day 9

Are you sick and tired of hearing how AMAZING how I feel?  Well too bad, because I feel FANTASTIC.  Okay, yes I’m a bit moody, and one minute I feel like crying and the other minute I feel like hugging but that is expected and I know it will pass.  I enjoyed every single bite of my food today and taking these supplements on a schedule is really NO BIG DEAL.  I also am following a very important task in the plan and sent myself to the spa for a much overdue massage.  It was glorious and I was surprised I could get off the table since I felt like such a puddle afterwards.  And I walked there and back (@2 miles total) and I smiled every step of the way and I even found myself more conversational and friendly to people I had contact with.

It’s amazing how pleasant you can be when you feel great inside and out.  Here’s my food for the day:


  • FRUIT!


  • Shakeology w/water



  • Miso Soup
  • Baked Potato
  • Asian Stir Fry


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