Ultimate Reset – Day 5

PicMonkey CollageOkay what a crazy, busy off day this was, but I did my best.  Breakfast was supposed to be oatmeal with my yogurt and berries but there just wasn’t time so I had a banana too and rushed out the door.  I had to have an early lunch due to a big meeting, which was fine since I was hungry by then anyway.

Lunch was a HUGE Microgreens salad with toasted pine nuts and ho-made garlic salad dressing, but again I didn’t have time to make the miso soup so I had a Tropical Vegan Shakeology with frozen strawberries instead.  And that was the last of my Shakeology.  Good thing when I came home later in the day I had a new box waiting on my doorstep.

Chocolate tomorrow!  I did get a few minutes to sit out on the deck in the sun and enjoy the beautiful weather we’re finally having.

Dinner was a repeat of the Southwestern Taco Salad and it was already prepared from a few days before so all I had to do was heat it and eat it.  Yay!  Plus I threw in the miso soup I missed from lunch since I know it’s good for you.  Didn’t have a snack today, but that’s fine.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!  It sure is beautiful out here were we are.


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