Ultimate Reset – Day 2

The first thing I noticed about this detox is I don’t miss my coffee as much, but I’m glad I found Roasted Dandelion Root Tea.  I didn’t find this until Day 16 of my first round last summer and every day I missed my coffee.  Now this is not a coffee replacement, but it is the next best thing that I have found.  It is roasted and it is a dark liquid, but it is caffeine free and not coffee.  But it’s only 3 weeks.  I will live.

The other thing I noticed is I’m not starving. Okay, I can say I’m a little hungry at times, but I’m certainly not weak and feel like I need to eat everything in site.

For some, eating a strict regiment of foods and taking supplements at a certain time each day may seem cumbersome, but I’m actually taking the challenge as a way to combat my cravings.  The way I look at it, the food on The Ultimate Reset is the food I ordered at a restaurant.  The other things around my house, or at places that will tempt me like family gatherings or ball games are what other people ordered at different tables, and they’re off limits to me.  You wouldn’t sit down at a restaurant and because a dish at another table looked appealing to you, reach over and have a bite, would you?  I do find myself meandering into the kitchen to fill my water and wanting to snack, but I’m going to hold strong.  It’s only day 2 and the food was again delicious!


  • Oatmeal
  • Greek Yogurt
  • Strawberries


  • Greek Salad with 2 HB Eggs


  • Edamame


  • Southwestern Veggie Taco


I also enjoyed a few minutes on the deck with the sun in my face, and before bed I did a lot of stretching and slow breathing to really enjoy the end of my day.

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