Ultimate Reset – Day 0

Okay folks, I put it out there that I was going to do this, I purchased my program and I’m off….

I’m a repeater so I knew what to expect, but the basics are:


  • take your before pictures
  • take your before measurements
  • read your materials (a few times)
  • go grocery shopping
  • prepare your meals in advance when you can
  • ENJOY!

I’m doing “Reset in a Crunch” menu which is a simplified plan, and I spent @$110 at Mariano’s for a week’s worth of food.  I will have some leftovers and the hubby will eat some, so I figure under $100 for a week’s worth of really healthy groceries (plus my program cost).

Contact me if you want to change the way you fuel your body.  Speaking from someone who’s done it before, it’s not easy…but it’s oh, so worth it.  Check out my pics when I did the program last summer


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