Ultimate Reset Spring Cleaning

I’m looking for just 3 people who want to join me on this journey to RECLAIM your body…RELEASE toxins…and RESTORE your metabolism.  I wouldn’t be promoting this if I hadn’t done this myself last summer and had AMAZING results.  And now that’s it in the final days of our Spring Cleaning Sale, I just had to do it again, and I’m asking a few people to come along with me for the journey.

I can promise you this:

  1. IT’S NOT EASY – it will take a focused 21 days to commit to this program
  2. IT’S NOT CHEAP – but it is on sale for the next 3 days
  3. YOU WILL FEEL AMAZING – like I did if you stick to it
  4. I ORDERED mine last night

UltimateResetPromoFor those of you that saw me at our summer party last year, I had just finished this program, and my stomach hadn’t been this flat in years.  My digestion was greatly improved, I was sleeping better than I had since I can remember, and all my aches and pains of sitting at a desk all day were GONE!

This is NOT something I recommend doing alone, that’s why I’m asking YOU to join me on this 21 Day Journey to kick start your commitment to a better you.  The biggest challenge I found was the meal prep, but I can help guide you through the steps so you don’t make the mistakes I did. And I can tell you firsthand that you won’t be running to the bathroom uncontrollably, or just drinking liquids and starving yourself.  You will be eating a variety of real foods, and taking specific supplements timed throughout the day to completely change the way you feel, and how you think about food as way to fuel your body.

I’m starting on April 21st for anyone that wants to join me.  That will be 3 weeks where I will follow the program to:

  • slowly wean myself off of all animal products
  • skip drinking any alcohol
  • avoid any coffee or caffeine

When the program is over, YOU can choose if you want to re-introduce these items back into your diet.  I know I didn’t stay vegan after this, but I did learn to limit the amount of meat I was eating, and I would recommend it to anyone who feels they are controlled by food.

Contact me privately, or comment or like this post and I’ll get you the details to get started.  Remember, the sale ends April 9th, so you have 3 days left to order, and we start on Monday, April 21st.

I look forward to joining you on this journey to a better you!

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