Ahhhh-maaazzzz-iiing Results

This is not about bragging.  This is about results.  I recommended the 21 Day Fix Eating/Workout/Accountability Program to A LOT of people and if they were going to have faith that the program could help them, I might as well lead by example.  And I was amazed at what happened.

I took on this 21 Day Challenge which is:

  1. NOT a diet
  2. NOT a cleanse
  3. NOT a fad

It is a program, suited well for beginners who don’t know where to start in their eating/fitness journey, but also great for those who need a little push, or a kick start from being stuck on a plateau.  And I loved the fact that I lost NINE POUNDS in 21 days without a single lick of exercise. I bet my results would have been even better if I was able to do the workouts, but thanks to a back injury that sent me to the doctor twice, and the ER once, and laid me up in bed almost 10 of those days, and limited my mobility most of the rest of them, thank GOODNESS I had the 21 Day Fix eating plan to keep me in check.

If you know my story you know I’ve been successful at counting points with Weight Watchers.  And you know after that stopped working, I endlessly counted calories on a free site MyFitnessPal for years.  But that’s all I was doing.  Was counting calories in and out.  I even bought a $100 gadget for myself for Christmas to tell me how many calories I was burning 24 hours a day, and then I cut that by 500 calories to lose a pound a week, and after 2 months, guess what… I weighed exactly the same.

And before you say most of the 9# was water weight, it couldn’t be because I already drink 100 oz. of water a day and I did not change that habit.  But the 21 Day Fix eating plan was so easy to follow.  When I received my packet, I read the materials and read them again.  They clearly spelled out how much food I should be eating, and what types of foods.  And they made it SIMPLE by giving me little colored containers and a list of foods that go in each of those containers.  But the program did not restrict ANY foods, which is why so many “diets’ often fail, and allowed for some occasional treats.  And you know what I discovered…I was previously eating too much, and too much of some things, and not enough  of others and that was prohibiting me from seeing a loss on the scale.

The skinny on the workouts is it’s 30 minutes a day of working out, a new workout each weekday – so you have no excuse not to work out (who can’t find 30 minutes a day to create a healthier, fitter you?) and the workouts vary from cardio, to weights, to yoga and more.  A very fit person can do the workouts, and someone who’s just getting off the couch after 10 years can do a modified version of the workouts, so (unless your injured) EVERYONE should be able to do the workouts.

And the final piece, and the part that is SOOOO important is the accountability.  We have a few private Facebook groups set up for the participants of these programs, and if you acquire a Challenge Pack which includes the eating program, and workouts, we will include you in our upcoming challenge group full of like minded individuals to help motivate and support each other.
Was it easy?  Yes!  Was it easy to stay on the program?  Sometimes.   But the fact that I was able to lose 9# in 21 days by just throwing certain foods into little colored containers to help me with my portion sizes, and then put them on a plate and eat them, and feel full, all the while not being able to exercise.  Guess what?  I’m doing it again.  I’m probably a week away from being able to work out, but as soon as I am cleared you know I’m jumping on that bandwagon.  And I’m just repeating the program which I already pretty much know by heart.

So do you want to join our next group?!?  Then sign up today and we’ll get you going to start as soon as your package arrives!  http://www.teambeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCP21D160?referringRepId=302357

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