Pump, Pump, Pump It Up with Les Mills Pump

This has to be the biggest sale in the history of Les Mills Pump Promotions!  I am so excited I want to run downstairs and do a Pump Workout RIGHT NOW!

The trainers are motivating.  The music is unstoppable.  And the workouts go by so fast!  Okay, for the value shoppers out there, let’s break this down for you.

The Les Mills Pump Program is normally $165.85, plus $19.07 S/H ($184.92)  It comes complete with:

  • 7 workouts on 7 DVDs
  • Padded barbell with speed safety clips
  • Two 5 -lb weight plates
  • Two 10-lb. weight plates
  • Tape measure and measurement tracker
  • Get Lean Nutrition Guide
  • Lean, Strong & Unstoppable Fitness Guide

Of course you need Shakeology to Fuel Your workout, so Retail price is $129.95 + one time S/H $14.95 ($144.90)

That totals 184.92 + 144.90 = $329.82. OUCH!

But TODAY you can get the whole package for $180 ONE-HUNDRED-AND-EIGHTY-DOLLARS and only $2 S/H. ($182.00)  So would you rather pay $329.82 OR $182?  You do the math.

I purchased this program last Spring because after doing some research, I realized it’s a 3-day a week program, and I like variety.  I love to run and with this program I was able to lift 3 days a week, run 3 days a week, and then there was this extra day where I could rest or do yoga or abs.  I can lose weight doing a lot of cardio, but I built long, lean, sexy muscles following this program!

The pictures are the results from our 5-Star Diamond Coach Joline.

Plus you get an exclusive FREE gift! Get the LES MILLS PUMP: CORE workout FREE when you purchase through my link at http://TeamBeachbody.com/shop/-/shopping/BCPLMP245?referringRepId=302357

So do you want it?  Come and get it, because it’s on sale for a limited time and if you order this program this week, I’ll put you in my March Challenge Group starting March 17th with other folks doing this or a similar program for accountability and support.  Do you want to show off your legs in Short-Shorts by the 4th of July, or do you want to hide them under a maxi-dress.  YOU decide.

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