MarcieYogaAnother favorite Website/Resource I stumbled upon last year was YogaGlo.  I took my first yoga class in July 2010 at the Peoria Riverplex which was basically a glorified stretching class full of retirees.  I LOVED it.  I had just started running for the first time in my adult life earlier that year and all the pavement pounding was taking a toll on my body.  Plus I started having IT Band issues and poses like Pigeon really helped me.  I spent the next several years trying out different gyms/studios around the city.  Back when I was a member of Lifetime Fitness, they had a few yoga classes a week that I took before or after working out with my trainer.  I really got a lot out of my CorePower Yoga membership and they offer a ton of classes.  Another studio I like close to my house is Moksha Yoga.  I even got addicted to Bikram Yoga and if practiced regularly, provided some of the best workouts of my life.  But as I got more used to workout out at home using my BeachBody videos, I used the workouts provided by them, plus my Bob Harper Warrior Yoga video which has been played hundreds of times.  Can you tell I like variety?

There are all different kids of yoga, and that’s what I liked most about YogaGlo when I tried it out.  If you have a certain body part that you want to work on, you can go through their search and find something that works for you.  If you have 10 minutes or 90, you can search by class duration.  If there is a type of yoga you feel like practicing, you can search for that too.  I have invested (minimally) in blocks and a strap for home and use blankets or pillows for bolsters.  If you find you can’t get out to a studio on a regular basis, or just like the low cost and convenience of workout out at home – I recommend you try YogaGlo. They have a 15-day free trial, and then it is $18 per month for unlimited yoga.


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